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  • 01/09/23 News


    From September 5th, ArrábidaShopping will host a unique exhibition about the history of fado singer Mariza, which will be present in the central square until October 23rd. Come and discover how this artist became one of the greatest voices in fado, from her beginnings in Mozambique to her triumphs on stages around the world.

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    04/08/23 News


    Apart from Cracking Art’s invasion of snails in Lisbon’s largest mall Colombo, we’ve also brought the giant snails to the city center of Lisbon. Find them in Rossio and Roma-Areeiro in a partnership with Infraestruturas de Portugal!

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    30/06/23 News


    In line with CUPRA’s motto “New Impulse”, UNIVERSE combines elements with which the brand is directly related, namely light, its inherent speed, and more specifically in the set of works presented, the universe as a space in permanent transformation. The installation consists of a set of site-specific sculptures created specifically on the occasion of this exhibition, based on electrical circuits and light. Open from July 14 on at CUPRA CITY GARAGE in Lisbon!

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    05/06/23 News


    Today we celebrate World Environment Day with the opening of the exhibition REGENER’ART by Italian art collective Cracking Art! For the first time in Portugal, more than 120 colorful snails made of regenerated and regenerable plastic invade Centro Colombo in the latest edition of its public art program “Art Arrived at Colombo”! In partnership with Infraestruturas de Portugal two giant snails are also on display in the center of Lisbon, at the emblematic Rossio train station, as well as the Roma-Areeiro train station. On display until September 3!

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    12/05/23 News

    Robert Bradford opens his exhibition “Toy Stories” in Amoreiras Shopping Center!

    Robert Bradford’s “Toy Stories” exhibition has opened at Amoreiras Shopping Center! For the first time in Portugal, the international artist Robert Bradford presents a sculpture measuring around 2 meters, designed specifically for this show, inspired by a well-known national symbol – the Galo de Barcelos. For more information, click here https://bit.ly/Toy_Stories

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    09/05/23 News

    Exhibition “Toy Stories” by Robert Bradford will be on show at Amoreiras Shopping Center

    From May 11th, don’t miss to visit Robert Bradford’s exclusive exhibition at Amoreiras Shopping Center with colorful sculptures, created from recycled plastic toys, as well as paintings made from recycled materials! For the first time in Portugal, the artist also presents a unique sculpture, designed specifically for this exhibition.

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    03/05/23 News

    Catarina Glam presents her latest robotic sculptures at Cupra City Garage

    Flux, Buzz, Spark and Logic are the 4 robotic characters created by the artist in a “retro-futurist” approach, which incorporates two overlapping trends, where the visit to an aesthetic of the past becomes an invitation to a journey into the future. On show at Cupra City Garage until July 12!

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    14/04/23 News

    Exhibition “Future Shock” by Catarina Glam opens at Cupra City Garage

    From next Friday, April 21st, you can already visit the new Exhibition “Future Shock” by Catarina Glam at Cupra City Garage em Lisboa!

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    27/03/23 News

    Joana Pitta wins Art Arrived at Colombo Award

    Joana Pitta wins the Art Arrived at Colombo Award with the sculpture “We are not in a golden age”. The winning work and the remaining finalist works will remain on display at the D. Luís I Foundation, at the Centro Cultural de Cascais, until April 2nd.

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    15/02/23 News

    Opening of Art Arrived At Colombo Exhibition

    We are pleased to invite you to the Opening of the Exhibition of the Art Arrived At Colombo Award next Saturday, February 18th, at 3 pm, at the Centro Cultural de Cascais.

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