• 03/11/22 News

    Exhibition “Bilateral” by Caio Marcolini

    From November 4th, visit the new Caio Marcolini Exhibition at Cupra City Garage! In the series “Bilateral” the artist approaches the bilateral symmetry of the object – something that becomes challenging given the manual nature of his work, where, in fact, perfect symmetry doesn’t exist.

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  • 10/10/22 News

    “Art Arrived At Colombo Award” – 2nd Edition! Applications now open!

    Applications for the “Art Arrived at Colombo Award”, promoted by Centro Colombo and co-organized by the State of the Art (SOTA), take place between October 10 and November 30. This year, the initiative is dedicated to “Climate Change and Sustainability”. Learn more at: https://www.colombo.pt/artecolombo

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  • 16/09/22 News

    Exhibition “Essence” by João Bruno Videira

    Visit the art exhibition “Essência” by João Bruno Videira at Cupra City Garage in Lisbon. Wool is the basis of the work of João Bruno Videira. The way the artist explores and develops his work shows a unique language that translates into a variety of objects entirely made by hand. From September 16th to October 13th. Free entrance.

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  • 18/07/22 News

    Leonardo da Vinci @Centro Colombo

    Don’t miss your chance to visit the Immersive Art Experience “Leonardo da Vinci” on the central square of Centro Colombo. A unique journey through the life and work of one of the greatest artists! Free entrance! Until August 6th!

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  • 06/07/22 News

    Exhibition “illusion” by Miguel Rodrigues

    Today, Miguel Rodrigues’ exhibition “Illusion” opened at CUPRA City Garage in Lisbon! The Art of Illusion was one of the great achievements of Baroque aesthetics during the 17th and 18th century. The artist’s sculptures create a space of illusion where the false is dominant, on a path to the abstraction of the metaverse. On display until August 3rd.

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  • 22/06/22 News

    Leonardo da Vinci – Immersive Art Experience

    The 12th edition of “Art Arrived at Colombo” opened with the Exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci – Immersive Art Experience” on the central square of Centro Colombo! Curated by Art Media Studio and created and produced by State of the Art, visitors will be able to contemplate works such as the famous “Vitruvian Man” drawing, studies of war machines such as “The Catapult” and emblematic paintings, such as “Mona Lisa” and “The Lady with Ermine”. Exhibition open from June 21st to August 7th between 10 am and 12 pm!

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  • 06/06/22 News

    “The Weight of Perfection” by Vanessa Teodoro

    “The Weight of Perfection” is the new exhibition by Vanessa Teodoro. An exhibition that is based on the exploration of the imperfect, adaptability and improvisation, in a reflection on the limitations present in the search for the perfect. Until June 22 at Cupra City Garage in Lisbon!

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  • 17/05/22 News

    Inauguration of Surf Art Exhibition

    The SURF ART Exhibition has already opened at Oeiras Parque! Curated and produced by State of the Art in partnership with the Portuguese Surfing Federation, the exhibition celebrates surfing culture, the arts, good environmental practices, and the entire stunning coastal environment of the region! Free entrance! Visit us on the 2nd Floor of Oeiras Parque until June 30th!

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  • 15/05/22 News


    Today, around 200 volunteers helped transform the city landscape of Lisbon as part as one of the largest participatory art projects nationwide. ALFA BRAVO organized by State of the Art and created by artist António Guimarães Ferreira is more than the transformation of a 4km wall, it is a social inclusive project that unites citizens from all backgrounds!

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  • 14/05/22 News


    It’s already tomorrow that more than 170 volunteers and 30 coordinators will paint the 3.8km wall creating one of the largest public works of art in Portugal! If you want to see Lisbon transformed, stop by Av. Infante Dom Henrique between Santa Apolónia and the Braço de Prata area! From 9 am to 6 pm!

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