• 02/05/19 News

    Ballet Shows

    Within the scope of the Exhibition “Edgar Degas. In the World of Ballet. With the special participation of Paula Rego and Helena de Medeiros” we are preparing two spectacular Ballet performances. The first will take place at the opening of the Exhibition, on April 11 at 7:00 PM, with excerpts from the ballets “D. Quixote “and” Swan Lake “, performed by the dance school EDD – Escola Domus Dança and with the special participation of Diogo Oliveira, the first Portuguese dancer to be part of the cast of the Paris Opera.

    On May 26, at 5:00 p.m., we will create a performance with excerpts from the ballets “Paquita” and “Bolero”, equally produced by EDD.

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  • 22/04/19 News

    Children’s Workshops “Introduction to Dance”

    Along with the works of Edgar Degas, Paula Rego, Helena de Medeiros and ballet performances, our young visitors will have the chance to participate in free workshops promoted by the dance school EDD – Escola Domus Dança.

    These workshops are a playful approach to the language of dance, for children with or without experience in this art. For this, the EDD will resort to the children’s imagination, encouraging the youngest to explore their first dance steps. The workshops also intend to initiate children in the coordination between music and motor action. The sessions are aimed at children between 5 and 10 years of age, divided into two groups: the first between 5 and 7 years, and the second between 8 and 10.

    April 27th:

    3 pm – Ages 5 to 7;

    4 pm – Ages 8 to 10.

    Day 11 of May:

    3 pm – Ages 5 to 7;

    4 pm – Ages 8 to 10.

    Participation in the workshops is on a first-come, first served basis and is limited to 25 children in each of the groups. We advise children to wear comfortable sports clothing and non-slip socks to make the most of the experience.

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  • 05/04/19 News

    Inauguration Exhibition by Edgar Degas

    On April 11 “Edgar Degas. In the world of Ballet. With the special participation of Paula Rego and Helena de Medeiros” will inaugurate in NorteShopping, Porto. The unprecedented exhibition, composed of twenty-six etchings by Edgar Degas, can be visited daily at NorteShopping until May 30.

    The exhibition also includes the photographic recreation of five works of Degas by dancer Carlota Rodrigues photographed by Henrique Morais, as well as four works by Paula Rego, provided by Fundação D. Luís I / Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, and six contemporary ballet costumes, provided by Fondazione Teatro Alla Scala, Gauthier Dance Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Staatstheater Augsburg by Helena de Medeiros, along with an original painting by the artist.

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  • 21/02/19 News

    Skynet in Freeport

    Yesterday we inaugurated the largest kinetic art installations in Europe, at Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet, along with artist Patrick Shearn.

    The Dream Waves opening event featured an exclusive performance by Cuca Roseta inspired in her connection to the sea, the presence of artist Patrick Shearn of Poetic Kinetics, and several influencers such as Filipa Areosa, Bárbara Lourenço, Sónia Balacó, Joana Barrios, Filippo Fiumani and Kruella.

    This giant kinetic sculpture marks the second phase of collaboration with Shearn and was designed to evoke the movements of nature, such as the cresting waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • 22/01/19 News

    Post-it transformed into Pixel Art

    For sure you are familiar with the famous Post-it notes used as reminders in the work environment or even at home. State of the Art challenged the regular use of these small paper squares and developed a Post-it Art project with the objective to transform them into a creative, innovative art panel, resembling Pixel dolls from video games.

    António Ferreira, the responsible designer, created a huge wall of more than 200 square meters in NorteShopping, with fluorescent colours, based on the concept “Glow in the Dark”.

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  • 30/11/18 News

    Art and Christmas at LoureShopping

    On December 1st Christmas arrives at the Green Park of LoureShopping in a true spectacle of light and color, with more than 15 thousand square meters of area, presenting a totally innovative initiative based on five art installations.

    The “Enchanted Park” has a route that starts with Santa’s Toy Factory, passing through five art installations, featuring Catherine Glam’s giant polar bear and penguin, stunning Christmas light decorations and ending with a charming Carousel for the young and old. This park also has a selfie route, with several spots to take the perfect photography, such as Santa’s sleigh.

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  • 23/10/18 News

    Circus Show “Plaina”

    To mark the closing of the exhibition “The Circus of Fernand Léger”, on October 21 at 3:00 p.m., State of the Art will present the circus show “Plaina” starring five acrobats of the National Institute of Circus Arts.

    A performance that portrays the daily life of a riverside society, to the sound of the music of Lucas Argel, in an environment of pulleys, ropes, nets, pieces of boats and aerial counterweights.

    This show, evocative of the contemporary circus, reconciles modernity and tradition, being inserted in the project of the National Institute of Circus Arts (INAC), “Portable Circus”.

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  • 16/10/18 News

    “Circus Performance in the Present”

    On October 13, nd within the “Fernand Léger Circus” exhibition, State of the Art invited three personalities connected to the world of circus and performanceart to an open debate at the FNAC NorteShopping.

    The focus of the conversation was the circus performance in contemporary times, reflecting on the transformations that this artistic manifestation has undergone over time, comparing the traditional circus to the contemporary one.

    The panel was attended by Teresa Ricou, artist and founder of the Chapitô Project, Paulo Ribeiro, choreographer and former director of the National Ballet Company, Paulo Rodrigo, plastic artist and professor at the Contemporary Academy of Spectacle of Porto, and as moderator, Júlio Magalhães, journalist and general director of Porto Canal.

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  • 05/10/18 News

    Exhibition of José de Almada Negreiros

    Works by Portuguese modern artist José de Almada Negreiros have arrived in NorteShopping and are now part of the exhibition “The Circus of Fernand Léger”. This is a highlight within the temporary exhibition cylce “The Circus in Portuguese Art” curated by State of the Art, where visitors can see several works of the artist inspired by circus art.

    José de Almada Negreiros was one of the most influential Portuguese artists of the 20th century, for his contributions in literary and cultural Portuguese art.

    Open daily until October 22, from 10a.m. to 12 a.m. Event square, NorteShopping. Free admission.

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  • 25/09/18 News

    “Portugal Pop” Vision

    This weekend, hundreds of people came to Centro Colombo’s event square to listen to the guests of Portugal Pop, the closing event of the 8th edition of “Art Arrived at Colombo. In partnership with news magazine VISÃO, State of the Art prepared an afternoon of debates about the world of Pop Culture in Portugal.

    Part of the creative panels were writer Margarida Rebelo Pintor, singer José Cid, TV presenter Ana Rita Clara, blogger “Pipoca Mais Doce”, facebooker Miguel Somsen, journalist Rita Ferro Rodrigues, radio presenter Rui Maria Pêgo and the director of VISÃO, Mafalda Anjos.

    During the talks, the artist and ambassador of the exhibition “Roy Lichtenstein and Pop Art”, Rueffa created a live painting in honor of the American artist.

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