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    • 19/05/21 News

      “Half Pyramid” by Cyril Lancelin at Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet!

      ©Legacy Landmarks

      Today, the most recent works of art in the series “Half Pyramid” by French artist Cyril Lancelin were inaugurated. With its premiere in Portugal, “this is an installation that places the public as an integral part of the work” and is composed of hundreds of mirrored spheres that invite visitors to an immersive experience where reflections and illusions are at the center of the experience. Curated by State of the Art, the sculptures “Silver Pyramid” and “Blue Pyramid” can be visited at Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet until November 19, 2021.

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    • 22/04/21 News

      “Memories of the Sea” by Cristina Rodrigues inaugurates today!

      © Gui Morelli

      Cristina Rodrigues’ art installation, designed and created especially for Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet with the curation of State of the Art, was inaugurated today. “Memories of the Sea” pays tribute to Vila do Conde and its sea activities through three works: “Shipyard”, “Under the Sea” and “Jellyfish”. In line with the remodeling of the center, this artistic installation reinforces the “Beautifully Local” concept that distinguishes VIA Outlets centers. The poetic immersiveness of the Sea and the City is now represented in an art form, available so that all guests can enjoy a differentiating experience.

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    • 17/04/21 News

      Finalists Exhibition of “Art Arrived at Colombo” award now open at the Berardo Museum!

      © Rita Carmo / Museu Coleção Berardo

      The Finalists Exhibition of the “Art Arrived at Colombo” award has already opened with works by: Adriana Proganó, AMANTE, Ana Malta AKA NUMPÁRA, Atelier Contencioso, Duarte Perry, Henrique Neves, Manuel Rodrigues Almeida, Maria de Brito Matias, Nicoleta Sandulescu and Tomé Capa . Discover the artworks of the 10 finalists! At the Berardo Museum until May 23!

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    • 16/04/21 News

      Every Sunday until May 23! Free guided tours with the artists at the Berardo Museum!

      © Rita Carmo – Museu Coleção Berardo

      Still no plans for the coming weekends? Every Sunday, free guided tours to the Finalists Exhibition of the “Art Arrived at Colombo” award with the artists!
      April 18: AMANTE
      May 2: Nicoleta Sandulescu e Tomé Capa
      May 9: Duarte Perry
      May 16: Maria de Brito Matias e Ana Malta Aka NUMPÁRA
      May 23: Henrique Neves e atelier Contencioso (Ana Velez e Xana Sousa) Registration here: https: //pt.museuberardo.pt /…/visita-exposicao-premio …

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    • 14/04/21 News

      Invitation: Finalists Exhibition of the “Art Arrived at Colombo” award

      The Berardo Collection Museum, Centro Colombo and State of the Art are pleased to invite you to the opening of the finalist exhibition of the “Art Arrived at Colombo” award, taking place on April 14, from 3 pm to 7 pm on the Museum’s -1 floor.

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    • 10/12/20 News

      Atelier Contencioso wins “Art Arrived at Colombo” award

      © Rita Carmo / Museu Coleção Berardo

      The winner of the first edition of the “Art Arrived at Colombo” award has been chosen! Atelier Contencioso convinced the jury and the public with their art installation “Sopro”, receiving an art prize of 20.000 Euros.

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    • 01/10/20 News


      In the year that marks its 10th edition, “Art arrived at Colombo” launches an art award with the aim of supporting emerging artists. The winner will receive a monetary prize of 20 thousand euros and will be able to participate in a public exhibition, along with the other finalist works.

      Candidates can submit applications for ‘The Art Arrived at Colombo Award’ between the 1st and the 30th of October on the website www.colombo.pt/artecolombo/premio, presenting an original work of art, dedicated to the theme ‘The Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic’.

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    • 17/09/20 News


      The aerial art installation Mundus Imaginalis created by the young art collective Error-43 was inaugurated today at Centro Colombo. The work presents itself as a mirror ball that celebrates the end of confinement and consists of a semi-sphere, with a 29m diameter, so light, that it is constantly deformed, a spectrum of shapes and light. Visitors can see their image both reflected and confused both with the environment and with the image of other visitors, creating an illusory effect, like a dream in motion, making it once again possible to celebrate life in community.

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    • 15/09/20 News


      The 10th edition of “Art arrived at Colombo” presents itself in an innovative format, adjusted to the reality caused by the pandemic and with a new mission to support emerging artists. In this new context, the traditional exhibition at “Centro Colombo” gave rise to a special program divided into three major moments, which celebrate the past, the present and the future: a Digital Retrospective of all previous editions, an Aerial Art Installation in the dome of the main square and an Art Award to support emerging artists.

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    • 26/11/19 News


      On December 1, World Aids Day, join us at Fnac at CascaiShopping for the debate “YouthTalks | Informal Conversations about HIV“, which aims to clarify young people’s doubts on the subject.

      The debate’s participants are: Nurse Ana Gomes, on behalf of ACES Cascais, Councilor Frederico Pinho de Almeida of the Cascais Municipality, Dr.med. Mafalda Guimarães, on behalf of Cascais Hospital, and Ana Duarte of Ser +, the Portuguese Association for AIDS Prevention and Challenge. The debate will be moderated by the nurses Mariana Pacheco and Catarina Esteves Santos.

      This social responsibility program was organized within the scope of the Keith Haring Foundation’s 30th Anniversary in 2019, with the aim of perpetuating the artistic legacy and fundraising to support children and institutions involved in the fight against AIDS.


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