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    Celebrating its 85-year anniversary, Casino Estoril presents itself as one of Europe’s most important entertainment facilities. Holding exceptional artistic and cultural events since 1931, gambling emerges as a playful and not as the sole purpose of a visit.

    The exhibition “85 Years Casino Estoril”, developed and produced by State of the Art, displays a set of objects and historical images of relevant initiatives promoted by Casino Estoril. The exhibition is based upon five themes: History, Gambling, Shows & Events, Public Figures and Culture.

    The design of the exhibition “85 Years Casino Estoril” uniquely combines the traditional exhibition model with the use of technological solutions, thus allowing a very appealing view of the historical records of Casino Estoril.

    This singular exhibition highlights the importance of Casino Estoril in promoting artistic and cultural activities, while at the same time surprising visitors with interactive components.

    In each area, visitors will be able to watch, on video, small interviews with numerous personalities who, over the years, have played an important role in the history of the Casino.

    Images © Casino Estoril