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Amadora BD in Centro Colombo


As part of the 8th edition of “Art Arrived at Colombo”, State of the Art established a partnership with the Amadora BD festival, with the aim of creating an exhibition dedicated to the Comic Strip.  Special guided tours were organized to create a link to the central exhibition “Roy Lichtenstein and Pop Art”, on show at Centro Colombo’s event square.

“Amadora BD at Centro Colombo” honors Roy Lichtenstein who explored the artistic aesthetics and themes of the Comic Strip, appropriating this strand to create iconic symbols that are part of the legacy of the Pop Art movement.

The exhibition brought together several works by 30 artists from various generations, winners of the National Prize awarded by the Amadora BD Festival, since its creation in 1989. Artists who nowadays play an important role on a national level with several books and albums, such as João Fazenda, Ricardo Cabral and Joana Afonso.