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  • CascaiShopping Music Fest

    State of the Art has challenged some of the most renowned singers and musicians  in Portugal to hold intimate concerts in Cascais Kitchen, CascaiShopping. Cuca Roseta’s fado, Júlio Resende’s fado / jazz / songs, Márcia’s Portuguese indie and Elisa Rodrigues’ jazz filled the nooks of Cascais Kitchen, the upscale gastronomic market of CascaiShopping, with an exquisite music program. The CascaiShopping Music Fest, developed by State of the Art, aimed to create a series of relaxing and intimate concerts, every Friday night in early summer 2019.

    The opening concert of CascaiShopping Music Fest was  presented by Portuguese musician, pianist and composer Júlio Resende. One week later, one of the greatest talents of Portuguese-language composition, Márcia, took the stage.

    It was at CascaiShopping Music Fest that Elisa Rodrigues presented her latest album, «Blue As Red». The final concert counted with the voice of one of the best known and  applauded Fado singers  today, Cuca Roseta.