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    From October 15th to November 5th, 2021, Cascais Kitchen hosted, for the second time, the CascaiShopping Music Fest, a series of intimate concerts with renowned names of the Portuguese music scene.



    After a successful first edition in 2019, State of the Art challenged Luís Represas, Tiago Nacarato, Irma and Carolina Deslandes to take the stage at Cascais Kitchen, the shopping center’s gastronomic market, with the aim of providing relaxed and unforgettable evenings to visitors.



    The series of concerts started on October 15th with the performance of the emblematic singer and composer Luís Represas. On October 22, it was the turn of Tiago Nacarato, a singer from Porto with Brazilian roots, to take the stage and, on the following Friday, the 29th, Irma brought songs from her debut album “Primavera” (Spring).

    The concert cycle ended on November 5th with Carolina Deslandes, one of the greatest Portuguese artists of our time, filling Cascais Kitchen with great music and energy!


    “The second edition of CascaiShopping Music Fest, which takes place in the year the Center celebrates its 30th anniversary, symbolizes the return to moments of conviviality and relaxation among friends and family, while supporting one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. It is yet another step for CascaiShopping to promote culture”, said Carla Bonito, CascaiShopping’s director.

    Photos © State of the Art

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    10 years of  “Art arrived in Colombo”

    The 10th edition of “Art arrived at Colombo” presents itself in an innovative format, adjusted to the reality caused by the pandemic and with a new mission to support emerging artists. In this new context, the traditional exhibition at “Centro Colombo” gave rise to a special program divided into two major moments, which celebrate the present and the future.

    In celebration of the present, “Art Arrived at Colombo” presented the aerial art installation “Mundus Imaginalis” by Error-43. Thinking about the future, the Art Prize “A Arte Chegou ao Colombo” was launched, to support artists at the beginning of their careers.

    Images © Gui Morelli



    “Mundus Imaginalis” was created in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced the whole of humanity to unprecedented social distancing measures. The expressive work, which appeals to the senses and reflection, is assumed as a celebration of life in community, without involving physical contact between visitors.

    The aerial art installation “Mundus Imaginalis” presented itself as a mirror ball celebrating the end of confinement, of the moments we live in the multiverse of our realities, divided between our homes, thoughts and dreams, unable to share in the physical presence of other humans. The artwork represented the place where these realities came together again.

    Aerial art installation

    The art installation consisted of a semi-sphere so light, that it was constantly deformed, a spectrum of shapes and light, always in motion, a floating being, accompanied by the relaxing sound that the material produced when moving. In order to control, in part, the fluidity of the air, fans were installed that operated according to a pre-defined program, counting with the vivid colours and conceptual patterns on the led screens of the dome and the particular refraction produced by the material to generate the most diverse effects on the main square of Centro Colombo.

    Interactive work

    Visitors could see their image reflected and confused with the environment and other visitors, creating an illusory effect, like a dream in motion, making it once again possible to celebrate life in community.

    An inverted semi-spherical geometric shape, 29 meters in diameter, projected from 10 petals, in an analogy to the celebration of the 10 years of “Art Arrived at Colombo”.

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    “MUSEUM OF THE MOON” (2019)

    “MUSEUM OF THE MOON” (2019)

    Museum of the Moon

    Within the scope of the National Science Summit 2019, State of the Art presented the “Museum of the Moon” by British artist Luke Jerram at the Palace of the Marquis of Pombal (Oeiras), together with the City hall of Oeiras and the British Embassy.

    For the first time in Portugal, the moon measures seven metres in diameter, featuring 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface.

    The installation is a fusion of lunar imagery, moonlight and surround sound composition created by BAFTA and Ivor Novello award winning composer Dan Jones.

    Throughout the event open to the public, the “Museum of the Moon” was accompanied by a diversified program, featuring scientific readings, talks by FameLab, as well as intimate concerts and a tribute to the band The Beatles.

    For the opening day, State of the Art invited the “Orquestra Clássica do Centro” to present “Serenades with the Moon Nearby” – a magical moment for all those who had the opportunity to attend.

    Since its first presentation in 2017, the “Museum of the Moon” has already been exhibited in more than 20 countries. At one presentation in the UK, a little girl asked the artist, “Will you put the moon back afterwards?”

    Photography © Carlos Santos

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    Enchanted Park


    State of the Art invited several architects and artists to create artistic light installations alluding to Christmas in the Green Park of LoureShopping. The objective was to create a route within an area of more than 15 thousand square meters, providing visitors with a perfect holiday adventure, including the five art installations, Santa’s Toy Factory, a magical Carousel and stunning Christmas decorations.

    The “Enchanted Park” was a great success, having received more than 32 thousand visitors with one month.

    Visitors of the Park had the opportunity to explore installations of various artists: Glam, who features a sculpture representing a polar bear and a penguin, creating a pyramidal shape that creates a sense of being a giant Christmas tree.

    The collective Rhetoric Studio created an art installation that transported visitors to a land of imagination. Metaphora Theater, with a proposal for environmental awareness, Error-43, which featured an interactive numeric sensory installation, and 2upla, with a design of seven LED boxes that represented the connection between people during this festive season.

    Photography © Error-43

    Photography © Francisco Freitas

    Photography and video © FX Road Lights

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    Portugal Pop

    State of the Art challenged artist Rueffa, ambassador of the exhibition “Roy Lichtenstein and Pop Art”, to close the exhibition with a Live Painting performance in homage to the American artist, Roy Lichtenstein.

    For a few hours and in the center of the main square of Colombo, artist Rueffa completed a live painting, using styrofoam and acrylic paint, accompanied by the music of DJ John Holmes.

    In partnership with news magazine VISÃO, State of the Art organized three debates with nationally recognized guests from different areas and different experiences.

    The first talk, “Pim, Pam, Pop: What Moves with the People?” brought together singer José Cid and writer Margarida Rebelo Pinto, and was moderated by TV presenter Ana Rita Clara.

    Blogger “Pipoca Mais Doce” and Facebooker Miguel Somsen discussed the theme “Digipop: in the Times of Instant Popularity”, with the moderation of the director of VISÃO, Mafalda Anjos.

    In the third panel, the discussion centered on “Pop Causes: How to Use Popularity to Change Mentalities?” With journalist Rita Ferro Rodrigues and radio presenter Rui Maria Pêgo.

    Photography and video © Visão

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    As part of the exhibition “The Circus of Fernand Léger”, State of the Art invited the National Institute of Circus Arts (INAC) to present three performances inspired by the new circus, the contemporary circus.

    The first performance, “ARO”, was a unique and special creation for the inauguration of the exhibition, based on the work of the painter Fernand Léger, with the participation of Rui Paixão, the first Portuguese clown to join the Cirque du Soleil.

    With the objective to promote circus art internationally, the Italian company Fabbrica C was invited to decipher the language of Léger and to provide a spectacle of aerial acrobatics, juggling and humor.

    For the closing of the exhibition and commemoration of the 20th anniversary of NorteShopping, INAC returned to “take to the stage” the show “Plaina”, a contemporary circus performance that portrays the daily life of a riverside society.


    Photography © Marta Marques

    Video © Co.lab NorteShopping

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    “Orchestra Cycle” is a social responsibility project developed by State of the Art for Sonae Sierra and consists of a series of classical concerts taking place in 22 shopping malls across mainland Portugal and Islands. With the help of Music Conservatories of several cities and 18 schools of “Orquestra Geração / El Sistema” the project aimed to promote the talent of hundreds of children and teenagers who integrate this social project.

    Video Teaser

    FOUNDED IN 1973


    The El Sistema Methodology was founded in 1973 in Venezuela by Dr. José António Abreu (Erasmus Prize) as both a musical and a social project. Dr Abreu wanted that through music, more specifically, orchestra playing, children from all over Venezuela could learn how to live together, develop their skills and stay away from crime and drugs.

    Live Concert Vasco da Gama

    Supported by the National Conservatory of Music


    After 42 years the El Sistema , now represented by Fundacion Musical Simon Bolivar, has three symphony orchestras of international standards ( Orquestra Sinfónica Simon Bolivar, Orquestra Teresa Carreño and Caracas Youth Orchestra) and a most celebrated conductor Gustavo Dudamel ( musical director of the Los Angeles Philarmonic).

    Called the “Orchestra Cycle”, this project is part of Sonae Sierra’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and is supported by the National Conservatory of Music.

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    For the commemorations of the World Day of Music, State of the Art brought one of the greatest artists on the national scene to Colombo Center. In addition to his iconic themes, the musician included some of the greatest hits of the stars of the twentieth century, photographed and represented in the Exhibition “Terry O’Neill. Faces of the Stars”.



    “No Expectations” by The Rolling Stones was the song that opened this iconic concert. More than 4,000 people listened to iconic themes like The Beatles’ “I’m Only Sleeping” but also Jorge Palma’s best-known hits like “Dá-Me Lume”, “Estrela do Mar”, “Frágil” or “Encosta-te a mim”. The concert was also accompanied by thousands of people in a livefeed broadcast on Colombo’s Facebook page.

    Live Show Video

    For Jorge Palma, re-interpreting iconic themes meant reliving the beginning of his career on the streets of London, “embodying” several artists that he admires.

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    2nd Conference of Portuguese Language (2013)

    2nd Conference of Portuguese Language (2013)

    Falar Português


    State of the Art assumed the design and executive production of the 2nd Conference of Portuguese Language, an initiative of the Camões Institute and CPLP, which discusses one of the most important strategic resources in the country: the Portuguese language.

    2nd Conference
    of Portuguese Language


    The event took place between the 29th and 20th of October, 2013 at the University of Lisbon and was attended by more than 500 people.

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    Cultural Week Of Iran <br>in Cascais (2013)

    Cultural Week Of Iran
    in Cascais (2013)

    Cultural Week Of Iran in Cascais


    In order to promote the traditions and culture of Shiraz, a city in southwestern Iran, State of the Art created a diverse agenda which, over five days, showed the diverse cultural aspects of the region.

    the cultural week received more
    than 5.800 visitors.


    Organized by the Embassy of Iran in Portugal in partnership with the Municipality of Cascais, the cultural week received more than 5.800 visitors.
    Arts, food, music, photography, tapestry, poetry workshops and travel information brought people closer to this ancient culture.
    The traditional Iranian music ensemble Bamdad sold three concerts in the auditorium of the Cultural Center of Cascais.

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