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    In 2020, the “Art Arrived at Colombo” program celebrated its 10 years of existence and, thinking about the future, the “Art Arrived at Colombo” award was launched to support artists at the beginning of their careers.

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that the world is going through, the organization wanted to start a new cycle and create a project that would support the artistic sector in Portugal. Launching an Art Award would give a new impetus to the creation of contemporary art and a positive signal to society at a time of great economic uncertainty. The “Art Arrived at Colombo” award is an acquisition award, promoted by Centro Colombo and co-organized by State of the Art. The main challenge of the 2020 edition was to encourage participating artists to create a work of art under the theme “The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic”.


    exposição de arte
    arte premiada

    The 1st edition of the Art Arrived at Colombo” award, received 315 applications. After approval of the application and subsequent technical evaluation, carried out by the organization, the Jury, composed of representatives of the Arpad Szenes Foundation – Vieira da Silva, the D. Luís I Foundation, the Berardo Collection Museum, the National Museum of Ancient Art, the Museum National Contemporary Art and by a representative of Sonae Sierra, selected 10 works of art, which would later on be exhibited at the Berardo Collection Museum.

    The winner of this first edition was Atelier Contencioso, with the art installation ‘Sopro’, having received a cash prize of €20,000.

    produção cultural

    Photo © Rita Carmo / Museu Coleção Berardo


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    Portuguese Design Awards (2015)

    Portuguese Design Awards (2015)

    Portuguese Design Awards

    Museu dos Coches

    As part of the Official Programming of the Portuguese Design Year, three Design Awards were created to honor Portuguese Designers Daciano da Costa, Sebastião Rodrigues and Pádua Ramos.

    The Awards Ceremony took place in the National Coach Museum on September 11, 2015 and was attended by the Minister of Economy, António Pires da Lima, the Secretary of State of Culture, Jorge Barreto Xavier, and Commissioner, Guta Moura Guedes.

    Prémio Sebastião Rodrigues


    Prémio Daciano da Costa


    Prémio Pádua Ramos


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    State of the Art conceived a nationwide creativity contest for “Jogos Santa Casa” the national gaming authority, aiming to modernize the Classic Lottery, a product with more than 200 years of history.

    A bet on talent, creativity and luck!


    The launch of the competition and the award ceremony took place in the home of the National Lottery and were presented by actress Ana Padrão and journalist and TV presenter Fernanda Freitas, respectively.
    The exhibition of the 20 Finalists in the “Quintela” Palace in Lisbon was opened by SCML Ombudsman Pedro Santana Lopes and accompanied by the Portuguese choir “Coro Menor”.
    The works of the 20 finalists, determined by the jury of the competition out of more than 1,300 nominations, were on display between January 5 and 27, 2013.

    Video Design Competition

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    Mokka Move (2013)

    Mokka Move (2013)


    Photography contest

    The photography contest “Mokka Move”, created, organized and produced by State of the Art for Opel Portugal and Sport Zone, aimed to select the best moments “Active Outdoor”.

    The photography contest organized through a Facebook app created for the purpose, received more than 490 submissions, subsequently evaluated by a multi-disciplinary jury.

    Photography Contest

    Created, organized and produced by State of the Art for Opel Portugal and Sport Zone


    The 10 finalists were subject to a public ballot with more than 4,500 votes, awarding the finalists with fantastic prizes, including the new Opel Mokka.

    The action was promoted on national radio, Opel dealerships and Sport Zone shops across Portugal.

    Entrevista Valter Vinagre

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    opel corsa graffiti competition – phase 2 (2011)

    opel corsa graffiti competition – phase 2 (2011)

    opel corsa
    graffiti tour


    After a fierce competition between 4 Portuguese professional urban artists, the winner of the 1st stage recreated his work on a 360m2 outdoor panel, located at the intersection of Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo with Avenida António Augusto Aguiar, in Lisbon. The action was promoted by the RFM and Sic Radical.

    Opel Corsa Graffiti Tour Video

    360m2 – A MACRO WORK OF ART


    After the intervention of worldwide known artists such as Gémeos, Blu and SAM3 in the same area of the city, the winner of the Opel Corsa Graffiti Tour, leaves its mark. More than 190 hours of work in the city center!
    The action was further promoted by a public contest that offered the winner a trip to Berlin with a street art tour and an Opel Corsa available during the stay.

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    Opel Corsa Graffiti TOUR – PHASE  1 (2011)

    Opel Corsa Graffiti TOUR – PHASE 1 (2011)

    LAUNCH OF opel corsa street edition


    State of the Art designed and produced a communication action for the launch of the new Opel Corsa Street Edition, a version that “celebrates urban culture”.

    Opel Corsa Graffiti Tour Video

    gm-opel corsa graffiti tour
    phase 1


    Inspired by the new Opel Corsa, State of the Art launched a contest between 4 Portuguese professional graffiters: Nomen, Odeith, Third and Vile.
    The artists were able to create their work on large outdoor panels in Alcântara. The radio Mega Hits was media partner of the 1st stage of the contest.

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