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  • “Keith Haring. Between Art, Activism and Fashion” (2019)

    “Keith Haring. Between Art, Activism and Fashion” (2019)

    Keith haring. between art, activism and fashion

    15 years after Keith Haring’s first exhibition in Portugal, State of the Art brought the work of the American artist and activist back, for a solo exhibition, called “Keith Haring. Between art, activism and fashion”. The exhibition, which took place at CascaiShopping between September 10 and November 10, 2019, featured 17 original works from Haring’s most creative phase. Considered one of the most emblematic figures of the New York art scene of the 1980s, the exhibition also included original fashion designs, inspired by Haring’s work, as well as a replica of the emblematic jacket worn by Madonna at Haring’s birthday party, at Paradise Garage, on May 16, 1984, where she sang “Dress you up”.

    The inauguration was marked by a live body painting performance with model Sharam Diniz and illustrator Susana de Oliveira, in homage to the performance that Keith Haring performed with supermodel and singer Grace Jones in New York in 1987. The performance was accompanied by dancer Lukanu Mpasy, also covered in patterns inspired by the art of Keith Haring.

    As part of a partnership with CP – Comboios de Portugal and Infraestruturas de Portugal, the exhibition took to the street and transformed the Cascias train station into an art gallery full of Haring’s iconic symbols, adapted by Susana de Oliveira. Apart from the train station, we invited street artist Akacorleone to transform a train carriage of the Cascais line with an original design inspired by the American artist.

    To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Keith Haring Foundation in 2019, whose main objectives are the fight against HIV and AIDS, a series of awareness and prevention actions were developed in partnership with ACES Cascais, the Cascais Town Hall, CascaiShopping, the Cascais Hospital, ModaLisboa and SER + (Portuguese Association for the Prevention and Challenge of AIDS).

    Astrid Sauer

    Being fashion one of the themes of this exhibition, the ambassador and spokesperson invited by State of the Art was Dino Alves, one of the most renowned fashion designers in Portugal.

    The architectural project for the temporary museum of the exhibition, carried out by Diogo Aguiar Studio was based on Haring’s artistic expression: line, color and symbols.

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    “Orchestra Cycle” is a social responsibility project developed by State of the Art for Sonae Sierra and consists of a series of classical concerts taking place in 22 shopping malls across mainland Portugal and Islands. With the help of Music Conservatories of several cities and 18 schools of “Orquestra Geração / El Sistema” the project aimed to promote the talent of hundreds of children and teenagers who integrate this social project.

    Video Teaser

    FOUNDED IN 1973


    The El Sistema Methodology was founded in 1973 in Venezuela by Dr. José António Abreu (Erasmus Prize) as both a musical and a social project. Dr Abreu wanted that through music, more specifically, orchestra playing, children from all over Venezuela could learn how to live together, develop their skills and stay away from crime and drugs.

    Live Concert Vasco da Gama

    Supported by the National Conservatory of Music


    After 42 years the El Sistema , now represented by Fundacion Musical Simon Bolivar, has three symphony orchestras of international standards ( Orquestra Sinfónica Simon Bolivar, Orquestra Teresa Carreño and Caracas Youth Orchestra) and a most celebrated conductor Gustavo Dudamel ( musical director of the Los Angeles Philarmonic).

    Called the “Orchestra Cycle”, this project is part of Sonae Sierra’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and is supported by the National Conservatory of Music.

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    “Inside Out – We All Got Talent” EXHIBITION (2014)

    “Inside Out – We All Got Talent” EXHIBITION (2014)

    Inside Out


    State of the Art designed and produced the global participatory art project “Inside Out – We All Got Talent” at ArrábidaShopping. With more than 750 participations, the exhibition is featured in the “Best Of” section on the official website of the organization.

    We All Got Talent


    On the facade of ArrábidaShopping and facing the Douro river, a 1.200m2 screen exposed the eyes of Mr. Dheo, one of the world’s best graffiti artists and the first local talent to participate in Inside Out.

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    Ribeira Negra by Júlio Resende (2012)

    Ribeira Negra by Júlio Resende (2012)

    Ribeira Negra


    The restoration of the artwork “Ribeira Negra” was a project developed by State of the Art as a way to reverse the process of degradation of one of the most important public monuments of Oporto.
    Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa sponsored this action as an act of social responsibility and to honor the work of Resende, considered the “last great allegorical work done in Portugal”.

    The restoration of the artwork
    sponsored by Santa casa


    For 6 months, the work of art was covered with an advertising panel of approx. 450m², as an opportunity to differentiate the communication of Santa Casa.
    With a report by Lusa TV, Porto Canal and articles in print and online, the project was also supported by representatives of the Oporto City Hall and the “Lugar do Desenho” Foundation.

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    Luis Urzúa Motivational Talk (2011)

    Luis Urzúa Motivational Talk (2011)

    luis urzúa, motivational talk

    Central de Cervejas

    On August 5, 2010, 33 men got buried in the San José Mine in Chile leaving them trapped for 69 full days. State of the Art invited Luis Urzúa, the last of the Chilean miners to leave the San José mine, to share with the employees and guests of Central de Cervejas, his story of leadership, perseverance and courage.

    In the presentation, Luis Urzúa shared the stage with Alberto da Ponte, former president of SCC, and journalist and international affairs specialist Nuno Rogeiro. The intervention was accompanied by pictures of the rescue operation, witnessed in mid-October by people all around the world.

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