Heineken Heritage Restoration (2013)

Heineken Heritage Restoration (2013)

Heineken restores


The beer brand Heineken contributed to the preservation of Oporto’s heritage and sponsored the restoration of the facade of a building located in the heart of Oporto’s nightlife.
Located in the “Carmelitas” quarter, an intensely used pedestrian area and center of the best bars and clubs in the city, the outdoor allows Heineken to communicate directly with its target.

Preservation of Oporto Heritage


The project, produced by State of the Art, has a strong social component by contributing to a better urban landscape. During six months, there was one more star shining in Oporto.

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Ribeira Negra by Júlio Resende (2012)

Ribeira Negra by Júlio Resende (2012)

Ribeira Negra


The restoration of the artwork “Ribeira Negra” was a project developed by State of the Art as a way to reverse the process of degradation of one of the most important public monuments of Oporto.
Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa sponsored this action as an act of social responsibility and to honor the work of Resende, considered the “last great allegorical work done in Portugal”.

The restoration of the artwork
sponsored by Santa casa


For 6 months, the work of art was covered with an advertising panel of approx. 450m², as an opportunity to differentiate the communication of Santa Casa.
With a report by Lusa TV, Porto Canal and articles in print and online, the project was also supported by representatives of the Oporto City Hall and the “Lugar do Desenho” Foundation.

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