Enchanted Park


State of the Art invited several architects and artists to create artistic light installations alluding to Christmas in the Green Park of LoureShopping. The objective was to create a route within an area of more than 15 thousand square meters, providing visitors with a perfect holiday adventure, including the five art installations, Santa’s Toy Factory, a magical Carousel and stunning Christmas decorations.

The “Enchanted Park” was a great success, having received more than 32 thousand visitors with one month.

Visitors of the Park had the opportunity to explore installations of various artists: Glam, who features a sculpture representing a polar bear and a penguin, creating a pyramidal shape that creates a sense of being a giant Christmas tree.

The collective Rhetoric Studio created an art installation that transported visitors to a land of imagination. Metaphora Theater, with a proposal for environmental awareness, Error-43, which featured an interactive numeric sensory installation, and 2upla, with a design of seven LED boxes that represented the connection between people during this festive season.

Photography © Error-43

Photography © Francisco Freitas

Photography and video © FX Road Lights