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    As part of the exhibition “The Circus of Fernand Léger”, State of the Art invited the National Institute of Circus Arts (INAC) to present three performances inspired by the new circus, the contemporary circus.

    The first performance, “ARO”, was a unique and special creation for the inauguration of the exhibition, based on the work of the painter Fernand Léger, with the participation of Rui Paixão, the first Portuguese clown to join the Cirque du Soleil.

    With the objective to promote circus art internationally, the Italian company Fabbrica C was invited to decipher the language of Léger and to provide a spectacle of aerial acrobatics, juggling and humor.

    For the closing of the exhibition and commemoration of the 20th anniversary of NorteShopping, INAC returned to “take to the stage” the show “Plaina”, a contemporary circus performance that portrays the daily life of a riverside society.


    Photography © Marta Marques

    Video © Co.lab NorteShopping