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    At the invitation of State of the Art, artist Patrick Shearn once again challenged the senses and provided an unprecedented kinetic art experience for visitors of Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet. Inspired by Portugal’s rich ongoing and historical connection to the sea, the artwork is the second site specific installation Shearn has developed for Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet.

    Patrick Shearn is world renowned for his striking, larger-than-life, moving sculptures, called Skynets. “Dream Waves” is the latest kinetic art installation of this series, designed to evoke the movements of nature, such as the cresting waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

    “Dream Waves” is comprised of approximately 3100 linear meters of rope, over 500 hand-tied technical knots and approximately 50,000 ripstop nylon streamers arranged in an elegant gradient pattern that simulates waves crashing and flowing. Harnessing available wind, the artwork undulates in a gorgeous, immersive display that gives viewers the sense that they are deep under water looking towards the shimmering surface of the sea.

    Photography and video © Gui Morelli