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    State of the Art paid tribute to the French painter and sculptor, Edgar Degas and the world of the Ballet, presenting a show based on the work “Degas. Danse Dessin “by the writer, poet, and thinker Paul Valéry. The exhibition’s ambassador and former Minister of Culture, Isabel Pires de Lima, comments that “the exhibition allows visitors to establish an intense relationship between the two contemporary artistic areas: visual arts and ballet.”

    The exhibition “Edgar Degas. In the World of Ballet. With the special participation of Paula Rego and Helena de Medeiros”, held at NorteShopping, included 26 etchings by Edgar Degas, four works by Paula Rego from the Fundação D. Luís I / Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, as well as six contemporary ballet costumes, provided by Fondazione Teatro Alla Scala, Gauthier Dance Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Staatstheater Augsburg by Helena de Medeiros, together with an original painting by the artist.

    For the development of the exhibition, State of the Art invited Diogo Aguiar Studio to elaborate a dynamic and fluid expository structure with different rhythms of density and texture, referring to the ballet universe.

    Photography and video © Co.lab NorteShopping