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  • Exhibition “The Fantastic World of Paula Rego”


    As part of the 7th edition of the initiative “Art Arrived at Colombo”, State of the Art brought, for the first time, the works of Paula Rego, one of the most well-known contemporary Portuguese artists to Colombo.

    Developed in partnership with the Museum “Casa das Histórias Paula Rego”, the D. Luís I Foundation and the Cascais City Hall, the Exhibition “The Fantastic World of Paula Rego” was included a total of 59 works, among them “The Blue Fairy Whispers to Pinocchio “, one of the most significant of the artist. This work was exhibited only once in Portugal, some 20 years ago, at the Belém Cultural Center. In addition to this work, the exhibition – curated by Catarina Alfaro – presented other, equally relevant works by the artist, including “Study for the White Cat”, “The Cigarette”, “Shakespeare’s Room” and the Series “Prince Pig”, “Jane Eyre” and “Peter Pan”.

    art exhibition

    Isabel Pires de Lima, Ambassador of the Exhibition, considers that “this Exhibition put everyone in contact with the “Fantastic World” of Paula Rego, by provoking a diversity of sensations and stimulating reason and imagination”.

    With a bold architecture project, developed by Architects Diogo Aguiar and João Jesus, the Exhibition was held on the central square of Colombo between June 27 and September 27, 2017, having received more than 225,000 visitors in this period.


    Photography © Fernando Guerra