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    The sculptures “Blue Pyramid” and “Silver Pyramid” created by artist Cyril Lancelin for Freeport Lisbon Fashion Outlet are part of the series of works “Half Pyramid” and are composed of hundreds of mirrored spheres, constituting the first art installation by the French artist in Portugal.

    With the curation of State of the Art, Cyril Lancelin has developed this site specific work for Freeport Fashion Outlet Lisboa where the blue pyramid and the silver pyramid invite the public for an immersive experience based on reflections and illusions.

    Between poetry and geometry, the spheres seem to escape from the ground, to rise like the water of a fountain towards the sunny sky of Lisbon.  It is a metallic geyser in which the visitor can come to lose himself in the reflections of the sky but also in his own image.

    These artworks take us into a spray of light. The colour of the sculptures varies throughout the day, at night they take on the hue of Lisbon nights.

    The sculpture is based on two primitive geometric shapes, the sphere and the pyramid. It brings together two forms with completely different angles. Spheres are the raw material, which is reflected and encompasses.

    The pyramid organizes the work, including a progression from the outside to the centre.  This sculpture is also based on the concept of “half”, because it is an immersion in a volume, made of halves, solids and voids.

    It is also an installation, where the public becomes an actor, he is part of the work.

    By its reflections, the illusion invades the Artwork, the image of each visitor is found on dozens of spheres.  When the visitor enters the work, his body disappears in the sculpture, as one immerses himself in the ocean.

    The artist explores the layout of simple shapes in immersive installations.  He sends us into an imaginary habitat inhabited by geometric shapes that are usual but assembled in such a way as to make us lose our bearings. The work is an appeal to explore in a space of rehearsals and enchantments.

    The artist invites us on a journey of emotions and rebirth.

    half pyramid

    Photos © Legacy Landmarks