25th anniversary celebrations



As part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of CascaiShopping, State of the Art invited American artists Nikki Nye and Amy Flurry to debut their Paper-Cut-Project project in Portugal – a concept based on the transformation of simple sheets of paper into fashion silhouettes.

fashion and art


At the inauguration of the exhibition entitled “SuperWomen”, Fashion and Art showed that a woman is much more than a source of inspiration for these two worlds. The highlight of the event was a concert of Márcia, accompanied by a contemporary dancer and a cartoon artist.



The event was attended by the ambassador of the exhibition, Luísa Castel-Branco, and several “SuperWomen” such as Alexandra Borges, Ana Zanatti, Ana Salazar, Bibá Pitta, Céu Garcia, Cuca Rosetta, Diana Gomes da Silva, Elisabete Jacinto, Eunice Muñoz, Mafada Ribeiro, Margarida Pinto Correia and Rute Caldeira.