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    “Memories of the Sea” is a contemporary work of art by artist Cristina Rodrigues, counting with the curation and executive production of State of the Art.

    This set of art installations was created specifically for Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet, with the aim of providing visitors with a differentiating experience and pay homage to the county and its maritime activities. The contemporary work of art has been on permanent display since April 22, 2021.

    The contemporary work of art “Memories of the Sea” consists of three art installations: “Shipyard”, “Under the sea” and “Jellyfish”, with a total of 43 sculptures inspired by elements of popular culture such as the sea, the shipyards and fishing. Vila do Conde, a municipality that developed around the sea and maritime activities, was one of the most important Portuguese shipyards.

    This local relationship with the sea is common to the extensive coastal area of Portugal and contributes to the fact that the sea is a recurring presence in the imagination of the Portuguese.



    In the artworks, the LED lights symbolize the bioluminescence of certain marine life, the jellyfish and the fish represent the extraordinary species that inhabit the sea, and the boats exemplify humanity discovering the endless universe of one of its millennial muses – the sea.

    The three contemporary art installations entitled “Shipyard”, “Under the Sea” and “Jellyfish” not only reflect a poetic vision of our strong relationship with the sea, but also the respect that Cristina Rodrigues has for the integrity of marine life.


    One of Cristina Rodrigues’ most recognized images is the use of satin ribbons in the production of her paintings, sculptures and textile installations. The satin ribbons used by the artist are 100% polyester, produced entirely from recycled fibres.

    In total, the three art installations are made up of over 100,000 metres of satin ribbons, produced entirely from recycled fibres, 500 metres of LED strips and approximately 676,000 stitches.

    Photos © Gui Morelli