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  • 10 years of  “Art arrived in Colombo”

    The 10th edition of “Art arrived at Colombo” presents itself in an innovative format, adjusted to the reality caused by the pandemic and with a new mission to support emerging artists. In this new context, the traditional exhibition at “Centro Colombo” gave rise to a special program divided into two major moments, which celebrate the present and the future.

    In celebration of the present, “Art Arrived at Colombo” presented the aerial art installation “Mundus Imaginalis” by Error-43. Thinking about the future, the Art Prize “A Arte Chegou ao Colombo” was launched, to support artists at the beginning of their careers.

    Images © Gui Morelli



    “Mundus Imaginalis” was created in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced the whole of humanity to unprecedented social distancing measures. The expressive work, which appeals to the senses and reflection, is assumed as a celebration of life in community, without involving physical contact between visitors.

    The aerial art installation “Mundus Imaginalis” presented itself as a mirror ball celebrating the end of confinement, of the moments we live in the multiverse of our realities, divided between our homes, thoughts and dreams, unable to share in the physical presence of other humans. The artwork represented the place where these realities came together again.

    Aerial art installation

    The art installation consisted of a semi-sphere so light, that it was constantly deformed, a spectrum of shapes and light, always in motion, a floating being, accompanied by the relaxing sound that the material produced when moving. In order to control, in part, the fluidity of the air, fans were installed that operated according to a pre-defined program, counting with the vivid colours and conceptual patterns on the led screens of the dome and the particular refraction produced by the material to generate the most diverse effects on the main square of Centro Colombo.

    Interactive work

    Visitors could see their image reflected and confused with the environment and other visitors, creating an illusory effect, like a dream in motion, making it once again possible to celebrate life in community.

    An inverted semi-spherical geometric shape, 29 meters in diameter, projected from 10 petals, in an analogy to the celebration of the 10 years of “Art Arrived at Colombo”.