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  • New Mercedes-Benz Class A Launch

    As part of the launch of the new Class A at the Mercedes-Benz Store, at CascaiShopping, the State of the Art invited the Cascais Experimental Theater and the Cascais Professional Theater School to create a striking performance that enhances the car’s characteristics, such as a state-of-the-art technological system and artificial intelligence functionalities.


    To the sound of music and a narrative created on purpose to accompany the show, the performance was realized by duo Mónica Alves and Miguel Roxo Tirapicosa with different acrobatic movements and stunts.

    Artist Mónica Alves, characterized as the virtual assistant, the “human machine”, was the stronger link of the performance, acting as a symbol of security for potential buyers, while artist Tirapicos, as the driver of the new Class A felt confident in the hands of his assistant.