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    “Orchestra Cycle” is a social responsibility project developed by State of the Art for Sonae Sierra and consists of a series of classical concerts taking place in 22 shopping malls across mainland Portugal and Islands. With the help of Music Conservatories of several cities and 18 schools of “Orquestra Geração / El Sistema” the project aimed to promote the talent of hundreds of children and teenagers who integrate this social project.

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    FOUNDED IN 1973


    The El Sistema Methodology was founded in 1973 in Venezuela by Dr. José António Abreu (Erasmus Prize) as both a musical and a social project. Dr Abreu wanted that through music, more specifically, orchestra playing, children from all over Venezuela could learn how to live together, develop their skills and stay away from crime and drugs.

    Live Concert Vasco da Gama

    Supported by the National Conservatory of Music


    After 42 years the El Sistema , now represented by Fundacion Musical Simon Bolivar, has three symphony orchestras of international standards ( Orquestra Sinfónica Simon Bolivar, Orquestra Teresa Carreño and Caracas Youth Orchestra) and a most celebrated conductor Gustavo Dudamel ( musical director of the Los Angeles Philarmonic).

    Called the “Orchestra Cycle”, this project is part of Sonae Sierra’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and is supported by the National Conservatory of Music.