The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected the way of life of older people, especially nursing home residents. To combat the social isolation of the +65 population, State of the Art created and produced a cultural project that consisted of taking one of the most emblematic works of art from the S. Roque Museum, in Lisbon – “Ciclo de Vida de S. Roque” (Portugal, c. 1520) – to various nursing homes and board and care facilities of Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Lisboa.




Through the life-size reproduction of the artwork from a high-resolution photograph, nursing home residents had the opportunity to get to know the work up close, whose narrative fits the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, bringing a message of hope to the residents, since São Roque contracted the Black Death and was cured.




The presentation of the work was carried out by specialized mediators from the S. Roque Museum, creating a unique and personalized experience, followed by a workshop or activity.




A piece of religious history with the power to reach each nursing home resident, through the stories behind each image, the way of life of the time, elements represented, as well as religious traditions and ideologies.

Photos © State of the Art