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  • The Divine Comedy in Brazil


    More than 750 years after the birth of Dante Alighieri, known worldwide for the creation of the allegorical poem The Divine Comedy, State of the Art brings the Exhibition “The Divine Comedy by Salvador Dali” to Vale Sul Shopping, SP.

    On show from March 28 to April, this complete collection of 100 engravings is a milestone in Dali’s career as an artist, bringing together the different style aspects of the painter: from the ‘soft aesthetics’ to his curiosity in ancient mythology, and his interest in Michelangelo’s silhouettes, to the fondness of dynamic circular engravings.

    In order to innovate the traditional concept that sustains traditional art shows, the  Exhibition also includes virtual guided tours for each area. The Temporary Museum was designed by Portuguese architect Diogo Aguiar at the invitation of the State of the Art. The result is a sustainable structure of great impact, inspired by a labyrinth, occupying an area of ​​approx. 150m2.