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  • Theatre Play “Peter Pan” in Colombo


    As part of the project “Art Arrived in Colombo” and the Exhibition “The Fantastic World of Paula Rego”, State of the Art challenged the Experimental Theatre of Cascais to develop an unprecedented piece inspired by one of the best known literary works of all times – “Peter Pan” – where the characters reflect a more mystical and dreamy, but also cruel side that characterize the series of paintings by artist Paula Rego with the same name.

    The play “Peter Pan” premiered on September 9 on Colombo’s Central Square, featuring well-known actors such as Ruy de Carvalho (as narrator), FF (Peter Pan) and Bárbara Branco (Wendy). The cast of actors was also joined by the two young winners of the Casting that was held by the Theatre company, in partnership with State of the Art and Centro Colombo.

    Theatre Director Carlos Avilez considers this a “very important initiative for the Experimental Theatre of Cascais”, reinforcing that “for Portuguese artists it is very important to have these supports and (…) also involving the name of Paula Rego, is cause of praise.” An adaptation of the play debuted in November at the Experimental Theatre in Cascais.


    Photography © Ricardo Rodrigues