workshops for children at colombo


Within the Exhibition “Andy Warhol Icons. Pietro Psaier and the Factory Artworks” in Colombo Center (Lisbon), State of the Art created two arts and theatre workshops for children.
The free workshops “Painting like Warhol” and “15 Minutes of Fame – Pop and Art I’m the best part!” for children between 6 and 14 years were held every weekend on the central plaza of Centro Colombo.

“paint as warhol” workshop


The “Paint as Warhol” workshop integrated different modules, such as “Mold and Stencil”, ” Pop Art Stamping “, “Transferred and copied, unexpected patterns” and “Cut and paste, improvisation within plans”, giving children and teenagers the opportunity to have contact with the various techniques used by Andy Warhol.
The theater workshops, on the other hand, taught “Dramatic Expression”, “Initiation to Theater” and “Work Techniques of Andy Warhol”.